Weekly Data Backups

With a Virtuozzo VPS server, you'll have many more obligations compared to a standard shared hosting account. This is why, we've automated the most essential management task - the server backups. For each of our Virtuozzo virtual private servers, we'll make multiple complete backups weekly.Last but not least, all of the backups can be restored promptly by our tech support staff. In this way, you're able to revert to an older state of your server and recover all of its data and settings at any moment you want. Weekly Data Backups

Unlimited Hosted Domains

All Velocity Portal’s Virtuozzo virtual private servers have unlimited hosted domains, and you will be in a position to control all of your domain names and web sites from one place. Not only can you easily host an unlimited number of domain names and websites, you can even handle them without difficulty from one place - our Web Hosting Control Panel. It has been built to enable you to easily control your domains, regardless of how many of them you have. Any time, you're just a click away from web site management, you don't need to use additional billing and domain name panels at all. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Free Control Panel

If you would like create an enormous impact on the worldwide web, you need to come up with the right idea, the proper tools and a lot of spare time. While we can’t give you the idea, at Velocity Portal we strive to take care of the rest.Our Web Hosting Control Panel, available for free with the Virtuozzo virtual private servers, was designed to save you time and trouble. We have added a ton of useful bonuses, which will help you enhance every aspect of your websites. As it’s our very own Control Panel, we have modified it to function best together with our hardware and software configuration, making it much better than every other Control Panel online. Last but not least, we've made the Control Panel as easy to use as it can be, so that you will know how to make use of it since the first time you log in. Thus, it can save you yourself time for building and maintaining your websites. Free Control Panel

Free Reseller Hosting Tools

With Velocity Portal’s Virtuozzo virtual private servers, you will earn money from your VPS, while not having to invest an extra dime. This is all thanks to our complimentary reseller hosting tools.With every server you will be given a free of charge billing account, worth over $300, and also a cost-free domain name reseller account, worth over $100. They're able to interact to produce total web hosting automation, nevertheless, they can be used as separate instruments as well. Regardless of how they are being used, they can help you launch your very own web hosting company out of your VPS in a short time with no further investments. Free Reseller Hosting Tools

Data Center Choices

The position of the data center is important for the browsing experience of any visitors. If your web site is hosted within the United Kingdom and your target audience is in Australia, they'll experience slower loading times, in contrast to visitors coming from the UK. To solve this issue, at Velocity Portal, we provide you a choice of data centers, which are located all around the world and provide amazing connectivity solutions.You are able to select from a UK data center based outside of London, and our US data center in Chicago, Illinois. Data Center Choices

Full Root Access

For those who require extensive control over their hosting environment, the Virtuozzo virtual private servers are an excellent choice. Each one of our Virtuozzo virtual private servers features full root access by default.Getting root access to the server ensures that you'll be able to control everything about the server’s software. You are able to command the working processes, customize the software setup, deploy new server software as well as put in a whole new Operating System. You only need an SSH client operating on an Internet connected device. In this way, you're able to manage your server quickly right via your smartphone, for instance. Full Root Access
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