Weekly Data Backups

At Velocity Portal, we are aware that in order for you to develop a prosperous online presence, you have to work within a protected hosting environment. For this reason, with all our Virtuozzo virtual private servers we supply automated full server backups, which are taken a couple of times a week. In this way, no matter what occurs, you'll have a number of backups from the last few days. In addition, every backup is recovered within a couple of minutes with a mouse-click.As a result of the advanced hosting platform we have created and the impressive master VPS servers, you won't be impacted by the backup execution. Your websites will always perform as expected all of the time. Weekly Data Backups

Unlimited Hosted Domains

All Velocity Portal’s Virtuozzo virtual private servers have unlimited hosted domains, and you will be able to handle all your domains and sites from a single location. Not only can you easily host an unlimited number of domains and websites, you can also manage them comfortably from a single location - our Web Hosting Control Panel. It was designed to allow you to easily manage your domain names, irrespective of how many you've got. Any time, you are only a click away from site management, no need to use additional billing and domain name panels at all. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Free Control Panel

Running a virtual private server is usually a huge disruption from handling your website, taking into consideration all the additional things you will need to make. At Velocity Portal, we have developed a new type of Control Panel, which will help you relax from server administration and dedicate all of your work on building and growing your online presence.Our Web Hosting Control Panel is added free of charge with all of the Virtuozzo virtual private servers. It offers a simple way of navigation in between the various menus and an intuitive design. With the helpful tools included, you will find website management is actually a no-brainer. With the offered totally free bonuses, it is easy to quickly boost the performance of your existing website(s), or swiftly set up a new one. Free Control Panel

Free Reseller Hosting Tools

With Velocity Portal’s Virtuozzo virtual private servers, you will earn money out of your VPS, and never have to invest an extra dime. It is all owing to our absolutely free reseller hosting tools.With each server you will receive a complimentary billing account, worth over $300, plus a free of charge domain reseller account, worth over $100. They can communicate to offer full web hosting automation, however, you can use them as separate tools too. Regardless of how they are being used, they will help you launch your web hosting company out of your VPS right away and with zero extra investments. Free Reseller Hosting Tools

Data Center Choices

The position of the data center is really important for the web browsing experience of your web visitors. If your web site is hosted inside the UK and your target audience is in Australia, they will experience reduced loading times, in contrast to visitors from the UK. To fix this problem, at Velocity Portal, we provide you a choice of data centers, that are located all across the globe and provide great connectivity options.You are able to select from a UK data center based outside of London, and our US data center in Chicago, Illinois. Data Center Choices

Full Root Access

For those of you who want complete control over their hosting environment, the Virtuozzo virtual private servers are a superb solution. Each of our Virtuozzo virtual private servers features full root access by default.Having root access to the server means that you can control everything concerning the server’s software. You're able to command the operating processes, change the software configuration, deploy new server software or even put in a whole new Operating System. You just need an SSH client operating on a web connected device. In this way, you're able to manage your server quickly and efficiently right through your smartphone, for instance. Full Root Access
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